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Advice and Support for all Business Types

Whether you are a small enterprise just starting out or a mature business looking for additional growth, there is no shortage of challenges that will affect your ability to succeed. When you
need accounting support and strategies to grow your business,
it’s hard to know where to go for focused attention and expert advice.

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Whatever advice you need, CCIQ’s Experts on Demand service can help. We choose our experts because we know and trust them to give you free and balanced advice without the hard-sell. For advisory & taxation advice we recommend BDO.

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No matter what stage you’re at in your business CCIQ is determined to help you get access
to local support and expertise, for business advice that’s relevant to you

BDO - Starting Out in Business
"I have a great business idea but need help to bring it to life"
"I know what I want to do, but need finance to achieve it"
How we can help Business Planning | Growth Strategy | Tax and Compliance | Estate Planning | Wealth Management | Bookkeeping
Benefits Independent Viewpoints | Sounding Board | Access to Experts
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Setting up your new business

Funding your new business

Tips and traps

BDO - Starting Out in Business
"I'm spending so much time on compliance, I'm not doing what I should be for the future of my business"
"I know the business needs to grow, but I'm not sure how to manange the implications"
"I need to improve return on investment and maintain the stability of my business"
How we can help Tax and Compliance | Business Planning | Growth Strategy
Profit Enhancement | Outsourced Business Services | Bookkeeping

Benefits Deal with financial issues as they arise | Real time commercial advice | Deeper Relationship
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The cloud and beyond

5 things in the cloud

Fraud…Not just another ‘F’ word

Prevention: The best cure for fraud

5 ways to Improve your bottom line

Common accounting mistakes

BDO - Starting Out in Business
"The business is becoming too rigid to be responsive and we're losing opportunities
but I don't know how to turn it around"
"I'm not going to be here for ever - I need to plan a successful exit"
How we can help Growth Strategy | Business Planning | Managing Risk | Sucession Planning | Exit Strategies | Wealth Management
Benefits Support through the process | Independent Facilitator | Peace Of Mind | Help With Negotiations
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Maximising business value

Navigating due diligence

Keep the cash flowing


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